Group management in the course

Last modified by Markus Enke on 17.05.2024

Icon_Gruppe.png Within a course, learning groups are summarised in the group management area. This area provides central functions to manage and communicate with group members.


Open group management area

To open the Groups in the course area in the editing mode, proceed as follows: 

Click on the Group management icon in the middle of the opened course page.

Kurs-Gruppenmanagement öffnen_en.png

The Groups in the course overview opens.

In the left course navigation, the Groups area is expanded and highlighted in colour. The course navigation, in contrast, is displayed as inactive.

The group overview in the middle area of the screen shows all learning groups of the course accessible to you. If there are no groups available to you in the course, an empty table will open. If there are already groups in the course, they will be listed in the table.

If learning groups are already organised into learning areas, the Learning areas navigation entry will also be opened in the editing mode.

If there are right groups in the course, the Right groups navigation entry will appear, but remain inactive. Right groups can only be managed from the rights management of the course. 

Kurs-Gruppenmanagement geöffnet_en.png

To leave the group management area, select the Course icon in the middle of the page. You will then return to the simple group view in the course.As a result, the colour marking in the navigation pane is removed, and the left course navigation is reactivated. The group list is displayed in the simple view without function buttons.

Kurs-Gruppenmangement verlassen_en.png

Function overview in the group management

In addition to the basic table configuration functions, you can perform more specific group actions in the Group management area. You can choose from individual buttons in the header area of the list and the Actions column.

Kurs-Gruppenmangement Funtkionen_en.png

Functions available in the header area of the list:

Icon_Neue Gruppe_en.png

Use this button to create and configure a new learning group in the course.

Icon_Neuer Lernbereich_en.png

Learning groups can be organised into learning areas. To create a new learning area, use this button.



Learning groups can be copied. This function is available if you select the checkbox in front of at least one learning group.



This button provides quick access to the email functionality. It is also only available if at least one group has been selected. You can use this function to send messages to individual users as well as all learning group participants and supervisors.


List of participants

Use this function to provide an overview of all members of one or more learning group(s). Besides selecting the required user data, you will also be able to export this data in seven different formats. For example, an attendance or signature list will be available with just two clicks by using this function.



If courses span several semesters or years, it is necessary to remove participants from groups or transfer them to other groups to archive them. You can perform these tasks collectively via this function.



To delete a learning group, select the checkbox in front of the desired group and click on Delete.


Additional functions are available via this selection list:

  • Import groups: If user data is already available as an Excel list, you can use this function to shorten the creation process significantly. You can create several groups from the Excel data and immediately assign participants to them.


Select the columns to be displayed in the table


Icon_Tabellenansicht umschalten.png


Change table view

A button in the table head next to the search field indicates which table view you are currently using. To change the view, click on the small triangle in the button.

Preview of the table content 

Icon_Vorschauansicht umschalten.png

Table view of the content

Icon_Tabellenansicht umschalten.png

Icon_Tabelle filtern.png

This function will only be available if there are already learning areas in the course. It allows filtering group entries by learning areas in the group view of a course.

  1. Click on the small triangle next to the filter icon.

Kursansicht-Tabelle nach LB filtern_en.png

2. It opens a small window listing all available learning areas of the course.

3. Activate the checkbox in front of one or more learning area names by which you want to filter the list.

4. Run the filter by clicking on Filter .

Kursansicht-Filter einstellen_en.png

5. The window closes, and the filter results will be displayed in the table.

Kursansicht-Tabelle mit Filterergbnis_en.png

Functions in the table rows



Click on this button to switch directly to the editing view of the selected group.

Icon_Mitgliederansicht Gruppe öffnen.png

Manage members

Click on one of these buttons to switch directly to the member area of the selected group, where you can add or remove participants.

e. g. Icon_Anzahl Plätze.png Icon_Anzahl Plätze leer.png Icon_Anzahl Plätze voll.png

Number of places