01 First Steps

Last modified by Carina Enke on 13.05.2024

 The ONYX Testsuite supports the entire e-assessment workflow from the creation of tasks and tests through to the provision and assessment of your test and participant data. Start with the creation of individual tasks. The ONYX Testsuite offers various task formats, which can be used as templates for the implementation of your own content. On the basis of these single tasks, you can combine your individual test scenario.

How do you want to provide your test to the participants? If the test is supposed to be embedded in a teach and learn scenario, we recommend the use of a learning platform. You can, for example, use the learning platform OPAL to integrate your ONYX test content into various scenarios. Learning content can be released on the basis of test results as well as deepened and practised with the help of tests. Via the use of a final test, if necessary under test conditions, you can assess your participants and complete learning units for example with a certificate.