06 Accessibility

Last modified by Carina Enke on 13.02.2024

The standards for accessibility are the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) at conformance level AA and the European standard EN 301 549, version 3.1.1.

The OPAL learning platform and the ONYX test suite are partially compliant with the above mentioned legal requirements due to the following incompatibilities. The incompatibilities are listed below under "Non-accessible content".

We are constantly working to ensure that we continue to meet these standards and that this can be verified through independent testing.


Non-accessible content

The following statements refer to the OPAL learning platform and ONYX Testsuite, not to the content posted by users. The persons who provide the content (e.g. documents or courses) in the learning management system are responsible for creating and maintaining the content in an accessible way.

The following list of non-accessible content is not yet complete.

OPAL learning platform

  • The calendar is not accessible. Alternative: An iCal feed link can be generated for each calendar. You can use this link to integrate the selected calendar into other applications that support the iCal format. Further information on OPAL calendars.
  • The position of the keyboard focus is not always clearly visible (Testing step
  • The hierarchy of headings is sometimes not respected (Testing step, Testing step
  • Using zoom levels above about 300% sometimes results in incorrect design (Testing step
  • The adjustment of the font size sometimes leads to an incorrect display of the content. In addition, the font size of buttons and input fields, among other things, is not adjusted (Testing step
  • The HTML syntax is sometimes not used correctly (Testing step

ONYX Testsuite

Test procedure

  • The question types "Hotspot", "Match interaction", "Graphic match interaction", "Order", "Drawing", "Molecule drawing", "Hottext" and all tasks of the type"text entry" are not fully accessible.

Test creation

The ONYX Editor has not yet been fully tested for BITV compliance. We are continuously working to ensure that the above standards are met in the future and that this can be verified through independent testing.

Accessibility functions

Change the design

You have the option of customizing the design of the learning platform. Among other things, you can choose a dark design.

You can find out how to change the design under My settings.

Adjust font size

You have the possibility to increase or decrease the font size of the learning platform. A guide on how to perform this setting can be found under My settings.