Test Procedure

Last modified by Carina Enke on 14.01.2024

The ONYX Testsuite allows you to conduct tests, examinations, and questionnaires on various devices and in several application scenarios.


Get introduced to the test implementation from the participants' point of view and learn more about the various options for the configuration of the implementation of tests.

Take advantage of the different possibilities to provide your test contents to the participants:

  • Testing in OPAL
    The ONYX Testsuite is the e-assessment tool of the learning platform OPAL and allows for the use of self-tests, tests, and examinations. Integrate your test contents in your learning contents and use your test contents for classification, knowledge deepening, and knowledge testing purposes in your teach-learn scenario.
  • Testing on the web and by email
    Publish your test contents via a simple web link, which can be integrated into your website or distributed by email. Decide for yourself whether you want to restrict the access or make the exercises freely available. Even without a participant registration, extensive statistical assessment data will be available to you.
  • Testing in other learning platforms
    Use your test contents in your own familiar system environment. ONYX offers various possibilities to make existing test contents available to different system environments. You can, for example, use the IMS LTI interface for the integration of ONYX into Moodle or Ilias.
  • Testing via pen & paper exams 
    The ONYX Editor provides an easy way to export your contents as a printable PDF file. The export already considers the use as a paper-based exam.