Configure an external page course element

Last modified by Carina Enke on 18.01.2024

To embed an external page, use the external page course element. Here you have the following configuration options in the Configuration tab:

Configuration of external page

Enter the URL of the desired page in the appropriate text field.

If the page is password protected, activate the checkbox next to Page pass-word controlled to open the fields for entering the user name and password. Both entries will not be displayed to the user in the learning platform. However, this information will automatically be transmitted when the external page is accessed.

Confirm your entries with Save.

Kurseditor - Externe Seite konfigurieren_en.png

Expert settings for dynamic content

Select the desired option: If you would like the height of the visible area to be calculated automatically, then select the first option. Otherwise, select the second option, Define height manually, and enter the desired height in pixels (min. 300 pixels).

Confirm your entries with Save and publish the course.