Use group email adress

Last modified by Carina Enke on 15.01.2024


To send an email to participants or tutors of a group, you can either use the internal email function of the learning platform, or use an external email program to send a message to the group email address.

Internal email function

The function for sending emails to individual or all participants or tutors of a group is available to group administrators in the group management.

To send an email to these users, first go to the group area in the course (1). Then switch to the group management by clicking on the corresponding icon (2). Select the group(s) whose participants/tutors you wish to send an email. Clicking on the email icon Icon_Brief.pngwill open the form to select the desired users and in the next step to enter the email text.

Gruppenmanagement - Mailfunktion in Gruppenliste_en.png

The Icon_Brief.pngemail function can also be accessed from the Manage members tab within the editing area of a group. It will become active for your member lists as soon as you have selected a participant by clicking the checkbox.

Gruppe editieren - Mailfunktion_en.png

Group email address for use in external email programs:

Alternatively, you can also send an email to all participants/tutors from an external email program. Just use the group email address provided in the editing area of the group.

This button opens the group email addresses. Using these email addresses, you may also send messages from an external email programme directly to the users of the selected group.

  • ID of the group
  • Email address for tutors as a link
  • Email address for participants as a link

To send an email to the members of the group, just click on the link provided. Your email programme opens automatically and the selected group address is entered as the recipient of the new email.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • When sending emails, only enrolled members will be considered. Users on the waiting list will not receive an email.
  • The maximum number of recipients is 550.
  • Emails in blind copy (BCC) cannot be considered for technical reasons.
  • The emails are sent with a small time delay.
  • Emails to group email addresses can only be sent by group members, group supervisors, or other authorised persons (e.g. authors and supervisors of the respective course, members of a right group that allows for the use of the group management, or system administrators).


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