Export course

Last modified by Carina Enke on 16.01.2024

Icon_Exportieren.png Export your course to archive it locally on your PC, on a disc, or on some other external memory device. You can carry out the export at any time. Depending on the intended use of the course export or archive, there are four export formats available. After you have selected an export format, the course will be provided for download as a ZIP file. All courses exported from OPAL can be reimported into OPAL at any time.


Courses can be easily and quickly exported.


Start the function from within the more settings menu in the course view.



Select the entry  Export.


A dialogue opens in which various export formats are provided.



Click on the link of an export format to create a .zip file of the selected content.

Available export formats

The following course export options are available:



Course without history data

This option exclusively saves course content and configurations (course elements, learning group assignments, tests, files, etc.).

All user data, such as group members, test results, forum contributions, etc. are not exported. The content of this export format thus corresponds to the "copy" function.

Course with history data

This option saves a complete copy of your course including all user data such as lists of participants, test results, task solutions, assessments, forum contributions, etc.