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Last modified by Carina Enke on 17.01.2024

KB_Aus eignen Kursen.png The modification and configuration of course elements can be done very individually. If you (the course author) have created such a course element, you can copy it to another of your courses using the function From another course.


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How to use the "From another course" function

Run the function as follows:

Start the target course to which you wish to copy a course element of another course and open the course editor.

Select the entry From another course from the list of course elements.

Kurseditor - Funktion Aus eigenen Kursen starten_en.png

The function will start in a separate dialogue. First select the course from which you wish to copy course elements by clicking on it. In the following, this course will be referred to as the “master course”. Then click on Step 2.

Kurseditor - Aus eigenen Kursen Kurs auswählen_en.png

Now select all course elements from this master course that you wish to copy to your current target course.

Existing course element structures of the master course will be adopted, provided that you have picked all course elements from the respective structure. Otherwise, the selected course elements will be inserted at the end of the course menu of the target course. Click on Step 3 to continue.

Checkbox "Copy all files from course folder" ...

If you mark this checkbox, this will have the following impact on the course folder of the current target course:

  • files with the same file title will be overwritten,
  • files with different file titles will be added,
  • existing folders with the same name will be supplemented by the content of the new folder (within content, this procedure will also depend on the file title)

Folder of the selected master course contains:

Target course to which files will be copied contains:

After finishing the wizard and with an enabled checkbox, the folder of the target course will contain:






File will be overwritten, there will be only one Story1.doc file



File will be added, there will be a Story1.doc and Story2.doc file

Folder Images with the files Pyramid1.png and NileDelta1.jpg


Folder Images with the files Pyramid1.png and NileDelta1.jpg

Folder Images with the files Pyramid1.png and NileDelta1.jpg

Folder Images with the file Pyramid1.png

The file Pyramid1.png will be overwritten, and the file NileDelta1.jpg will be added to the folder

Kurseditor - Aus eigenen Kursen Kursbausteine auswählen_en.png

In the next step, mark the target position.

To insert the selected course elements into an already created structure, open the latter by clicking on the small triangle. All available target positions are indicated by a corresponding icon.

If you do not make a selection, the elements are inserted at the last position in the course structure.

Now click on the Step 4 button.

Kurseditor - Aus eigenen Kursen Position auswählen_en.png

Here is a summary of the modifications that will be made to your course. Click on Finish to close the wizard. The selected elements will then appear in your course.

Kurseditor - Aus eigenen Kursen Zusammenfassung_en.png