Work in Courses

Last modified by Carina Enke on 23.01.2024

Courses allow tutors to provide learners with learning resources in the form of course elements. Depending on the access settings, the entire course or individual content may be visible to different groups of users.


Course participation

To enable active participation in a course, enrolment course elements are included. If a learner enrols in a course, they will be added to one of the course's learning groups. These learning groups are used mostly for administrating course participants. The course owner will receive a list of participants, e. g. by consulting the group administration, which allows them to actively manage the learners' participation in the course.

Access to course content can be controlled using individually definable filters. Through the use of appropriate filters, the course can be limited to enrolled participants in order to prevent unauthorised access. Further information can be found in the help section Publishing courses and course content.

Find courses


The tab Catalogue gives an overview of existing courses and other learning resources. However, only the resources added to this catalogue by authors and those which are visible to all users will be displayed.


You can also search for courses using the search field in the upper right corner of the learning platform. Further information can be found in the section Search and find content.

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Teach & Learn

Another option to access your courses is provided by the tab Teach & Learn. In the menu on the left under My courses, you will also find your courses sorted by whether you are supervising them or enrolled as a participant.

Portlet "Attending"

The portlet Attending on the home page lists all courses in which you are enrolled as a participant. It also allows you to open a selected group directly.

Further information on portlets is provided in the section Personalise home page.

Bookmark courses

Mark courses as favourites

In the upper right area of each course, you will find the function Mark as favourite.

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If a course is marked as a favourite, the star will be filled in yellow. It will then appear in the portlet Favourites on the home page   as well as under the tab Teach & Learn in the section Favourites. From there, you can then quick access the course.

Open courses via learning groups

If you enrol in a group of a course (e.g. by using a course element Enrolment), you will be able to find the course through the associated group: Go to the tab Teach & Learn, select the entry My Courses (Active) from the menu on the left, and click on the corresponding group entry.

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Leave courses

To withdraw from a course, you need to leave the associated learning group. Choose one of the following options:

  • via the tab Teach & Learn
  • via the course element enrolment

Via the tab Teach & Learn

  1. Open the tab Teach & Learn and select My Groups – Participating.
  2. You will be shown a list of the groups in which you participate. Click onIcon_Verlassen.pngin the Actions column to leave the group.
  3. Confirm the dialogue with Leave group.

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Via the course element enrolment

  1. Open the course and select the element Enrolment. Click on Withdraw.
  2. Confirm the dialogue with Withdraw.

Authors may also prohibit members from leaving a group, which can be set in the configuration of the learning group.

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