Publishing courses and course content

Last modified by Carina Enke on 15.01.2024

Supervisors or authors of a course or any other learning resource can perform various publish settings. Whether or not the resource is also visible to other users in the learning platform, or whether only certain course content is visible, depends on these settings, just as whether access to visible content is permitted.

Publishing a course or learning resource can be regulated via the publication status.

For publishing content within a course, individual rules regarding visibility and access can be defined and freely combined with each other. Advanced users can also use the expert mode for the presentation of more complex scenarios.


Publish courses and course content

If you create a course, it will only be visible to you, and its content will not yet be publicly available.

Kursansicht - Publikationsstatus in der Kursansicht_en.png

In the learning platform, you can choose between various statuses to restrict visibility and access to courses and course content. To provide modified or newly added content to your course participants, you must publish the course.

How to publish your course, change the visibility and access of individual course elements, and an overview of all other functionalities can be found in the following sections: