08 Search and find content

Last modified by Carina Enke on 29.04.2024

To find content you are authorised to access in the system, you can proceed in the following ways:

  • Global search: You can find resources using the global search function via the search field in the header area of the system.
  • Catalogue tab: You can find catalogued resources in a static area in the main navigation.
  • Customise portlets: You can display content assigned to you or recently opened content in various portlets on the home page.
  • Course search: You can search for keywords within a course using the course search function. For more information, please refer to the Search course content help page.


Global search field in the header area

Global search field in the header area Icon_Suche schwarz.pngThe global search in the top right area allows you to search for courses, groups, and other learning content. All search results will be displayed in a table in a new tab.

To start the content search, proceed as follows:


Use the search field in the top right area.

Kursrun - Globale Suche nutzen_en.png


Enter your search term and start the search with Enter or a click on the magnifying glass icon.


All matching search results will be displayed in a table in a new tab.


Kursrun - Ergebnisliste einer globalen Suche_en.png


To refine your search, you have the following options:

  • Change or modify the search term: Start another search run by clicking on the magnifying glass icon Icon_Suche schwarz.png
  • Use filters by title, description, and supervisor: The learning content will be searched for the terms of the activated filters.

  • Advanced search: Click on the small triangle to show the advanced search area.

    • Learning content: You can perform a more nuanced  search for various content types, e. g. courses, groups, or certain types of learning resources.
    • Institution: Depending on the configuration of your system, you can also choose the institution that will be searched for the term. By default, this will be the institution you belong to.
    • Creation date: Enter a single date or specify a time frame to refine the search results. If you enter an end date, all results up to this date (00:00) will be displayed.
    • OER-License: Only show results with an OER license.

Kursrun - Suchergebnis verbessern_en.png


In the results table, you can sort the result entries by clicking on one of the column titles. You can also configure the displayed columns to show more or less information.

The set individual column configuration will be saved and used to display the results of later searches.

Kursrun - Suche Ergebnistabelle_en.png


Click on the title of the desired entry to access it directly.

Kursrun - Navigation zu Suchergebnissen_en.png


To return to the search results overview, click on the Search tab.

Please note: Your search results will be restricted to content you are authorised to access.

What will be searched?

You can search the learning platform for the following content:

  • Courses
  • Groups
  • CP learning content
  • Blogs
  • Surveys
  • Glossaries
  • Podcasts
  • Portfolio templates
  • Resource folders
  • SCORM learning content
  • Tests
  • Wikis

Currently, the content title, description and supervisors will be searched.