06 Statistics

Last modified by Anna Paul-Hasenfuss on 06.05.2024

Icon_Statistik.png Course statistics allow an insight into the use of a course over a certain period of time. Each diagram shows the number of visits to a selected course area and provides the mean value. You can customise the evaluation period either via input fields or by selecting a section directly in the diagram. There are different export options for your selected data available, either via the button Download table or the relevant options in the diagram menu.

Statisktik - Überblick_de.png

Please note that every click made by a user on a course element is counted. Should a user select the same course element three times, for instance, then three clicks are counted. However, the system only counts the clicks on the course elements, not the clicks in the content of a course element. For example, if a user selects the wiki in the course navigation, this is counted as a click, but not if they select a link in the wiki itself.


Open course statistics

To open the course statistics, proceed as follows:

Open a course. In the centre section of the page you will find all its available functions. Now open the dropdown marked with a triangle icon and select the Statistics entry from the provided list. By clicking on it, you open the statistics area. Use the navigation bar to change the course element in order to compare the visits of different course elements.

Kursrun - Statistik öffnen_de.png

If necessary, adjust the selected period. To do this, you can use the standard time periods above the diagram. It is also possible to mark a section in the diagram with the mouse. The date selection is then updated to the specified range.

Statistik eines Kursbausteins

Above the diagram, you will find several functions for navigating and further export options. In the statistics area, you can also use the standard export option Download table.

Please check your export settings if the download does not start. You have probably selected the xls export format. For this format, however, only a limited number of columns is available. Should the chosen period be one year or more, the download is only possible with export format csv or xlsx.


Statistics of a course element

Course owners can also access the statistics area directly in the course view of a course element.

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