Copy your own course

Last modified by Carina Enke on 15.02.2024

Do you have a course that features a course structure and a course element combination you might need again? The function to create your own course template or copy a course allows you to reuse this structure in a new course.

You can copy a course in the following ways:

Create your own course template

Start the course creation wizard as follows:


Open the Teach & Learn tab. Click on Overview in the navigation area on the left. Here you will find the Create course with a wizard function box.

Lehren und Lernen - Kurs mit Assistent erstellen_de.png


In the Create course dialogue, you can now enter a title and description for your course. Optionally, you can add an image, maintain metadata and, if applicable, assign a semester.

Editor - Kurs erstellen Fenster alte GUI_de.png


Click on Save and then on Next to continue.


From the following three options, choose Create a plain course with a wizard (for beginners), and confirm your choice with Next.

Editor - Kursassistenten auswählen_de.png


Now select the Copy your own course option and click on Step 2.

Assistent - Eigenen Kurs kopieren_de.png


Pick a course from your course list and mark it by clicking on the title. You can already close the wizard at this point by clicking on Finish. Optionally, use the Step 3 button to configure further settings for the new course.

Kursassistenten - Eigenen Kurs kopieren_de.png


In the optional third step, you can e. g. define global access settings. These are also adopted by clicking on Finish.

Assistent - Fertigstellen_de.png


Your course will now open in the course view. Created course elements are not yet displayed in this view because they have not yet been released. Therefore, switch to the course editor to publish the course elements or make further adjustments in the course.

For more information on how to edit courses, see the following help pages:

Kursansicht - Kurs aus eigener Vorlage_de.png


Copy courseYou can easily and quickly copy a course directly in the course view. For detailed instructions, see the help page Copy course.

Kursansicht - Kurs kopieren_de.png