Last modified by Carina Enke on 15.05.2024

Icon_Bewertungswerkzeug.pngThe learning platform includes several assessable course elements to test the learners' knowledge, track their progress, and provide feedback to them.

As course author, you determine the assessment criteria that are necessary for the individual course elements in the course editor. With the Assessment tool, you can view or edit existing assessments and perform new assessments manually. Moreover, you can enable Performance results for your course and configure the content and format of Certificates.

Depending on the configuration, learners will be able to view their assessments in the course element itself, in assessment overviews and in the Performance results to the course.

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Assessable content


KB_Aufgabe.png  Task  (manual assessment)

KB_Bewertung.png   Assessment (manual assessment)

In the course element Structure and the Main course node, assessments of other course elements can be summarised. This includes an automatic calculation of the score, mark and passed status for structural segments or courses. Moreover, it is also possible to provide an assessment overview of these course elements, which shows the individual course elements' values in the overall assessment.

Assessment configuration

To assess course content, you must first configure the appropriate settings for the respective assessable course element in the course editor. These settings can be found in the tab Assessment of the course element.

Configure assessment form ...

KB_Aufgabe.png KB_Bewertung.png KB_Portfolioaufgabe.png KB_LTI.png

Assessment form for the course elements task, assessment, portfolio task and LTI tool can be found in Configure Assessment Form



Assessment form for the course element scorm can be found in Assessment Form SCORM.


Assessment form for the course element testcan be found in Assessment Form Test.


KB_Kurs.png KB_Struktur.png

Assessment form for the main course node and the course element structure can be found in Assessment Form Structural Element.


Once a learner has been assessed, the configuration should not be changed.

More detailed information on how to design special assessment scenarios with ONYX resources or perform examination scenarios using a safe exam browser (SEB) can be found on the help page for the Course element test and in the ONYX manual on the page Testing in OPAL.

Perform an assessment

Depending on the course element, the actual assessment is done automatically by system evaluations (e.g. course element Test with corresponding test questions) or manually (e.g. course element Assessment) by a tutor. In the Assessment tool, all users with appropriate rights can view, monitor and edit these assessments. The (manual) assessment of a course element is carried out in the assessment tool. An exception is the course element Task, which can also be assessed by Peer review.

Performance results and certificates

The performance results provide users with an overview of all assessable elements ofthe course and their personal accomplishments. Through the table view, they can see at a glance in which elements they still have open assignments. For further information, please refer to the help page Performance results.

In addition to the Performance results, certificates can be generated for the entire course or even for individual assessable course elements. Using a link in the performance results section of the course, users can then download and print these certificates as a PDF file. Various configuration options allow you to influence the design and content of the certificate and limit the view or print. For further information, please refer to the help page Certificates.