Course progress

Last modified by Carina Enke on 15.05.2024

The course progress indicator is a coloured marker in both the course menu and the content area of various course elements. The user-specific processing status of the course element is displayed as soon as the element has been opened by the user for the first time. The marker is independent of any possible assessment of the course element, since it solely shows the processing status.

Kursrun - Beispielkurs mit Fortschrittsanzeige_en.png

The following colours are used in the default layout:




Light grey


The course element was viewed by the user but not yet begun.

Light blue

Partially processed

The course element was started by the user but is not yet finished.

Dark blue


The course element was completed by the user or manually marked as "done".


No marker

The course element has not yet been viewed by the user, or there is no progress indicator available for this type of course element.

The colours used depend on the configuration of the learning platform and can be customised via an individual course layout.

Usage Learners' View

The progress indicator will be activated by the course author for the entire course. Once you have viewed a course element for which a progress indicator is possible, the processing status will be set to open (light grey). Depending on the type of course element, the progress is automatically updated or must be set manually.

Progress indicator

Available for the following course elements

Automatic progress indicator:

As soon as there is an attempt at one of these course elements, the status is set to Completed (dark blue). Already started but not yet completed attempts have the status Partially processed (light blue).

Manual progress indicator:

You decide when the course element is considered completed. To mark content as completed, click on Done in the upper right corner of the page. The status will change to Completed (dark blue). You can also manually reset your setting. To do this, open the context menu next to the Done icon and click on Reset.

No progress indicator:

For these course elements, there is no progress indicator available.


The progress indicator or the status is independent of the assessment of the course element. For example, you can attempt a course element Test and fail, but the element is nevertheless considered completed (dark blue marker).

Configuration: Authors' View

The progress indicator is an advanced configuration option that can be optionally set in the course editor for each course. You will find this option in the Overview tab of the top course node.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the course and switch to the course editor.
  2. In the menu on the left, click on the top course element with the title of your course.
  3. Switch to the Overview tab.
  4. Enable the option Display progress in course menu.
    Kurseditor - Kursfortschritt konfigurieren_en.png

The progress indicator is independent of the actual assessment of the course element. However, it can be used to link the course navigation to the processing status. As an example, you can make course elements visible as soon as other elements have been marked as completed by assigning expert rules.

For more information on how to use and configure expert rules, see the help page Publishing courses and course content.

Changes made to course elements after they have been published do not affect the progress manually set by the user. This means that the progress will not be reset automatically if you, for example, exchange the page content of a course element Page.